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Happy Holidays <3

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This is tonight. And its gonna be rad. (Taken with Instagram)

come hang out. 

Serioulsy, come hang out with us tonight if you&#8217;re 21+. All of the other bands are pretty much the business. 
Talk to us?

Grand Falconer. 
Also, check out this picture of Eric, Matt, and Danika. If you don&#8217;t laugh at Matt you will be challenged to a duel (and that&#8217;s 5 of us vs 1 of you).

Hi all,

Does anyone remember the last time we updated this tumblr? Yeah, me neither. We’ve all been so busy with things lately, but we’re finally picking up some momentum so I guess it’s a good thing we’ve been avoiding tumblr (maybe?). We’ve just begun the process of recording a new album. We’ve contacted a beautiful young woman to start some album art (I think she’s a dream boat and nearly perfect). And we finally got around to taking some decent photos, thanks to Stephen. For ONCE we got some where we all look nice. Usually one of us (namely Danika) is ruining photos by laughing or double chinning really hard. Anyhow, we’ll be starting a kickstarter for our album and getting our website up and running fairly soon. Keep in touch with us. We love your continuing support with our project.

All the best,

Grand Falconer


Bitches need to drop a cd already.

Workin’ on it. =)


Hello there! It feels as if it has been a while since we sent out any updates! We have been hard at work getting some awesome new stuff ready for you :) Tomorrow we are playing at the opening night of the first ever Treefort Music Festival here in Boise. It is such an amazing event and we are honored to be a part of it! We have a couple new songs all polished up and ready to reveal to the world tomorrow and we are beyond excited to share them. For more info & tickets for the festival visit:


In addition to all the Festival preparation, we recently had the opportunity to do a live in-studio performance/recording of our song “Strangers” that is heading your way, not only in HD video but also a free digital download of the track, so be on the lookout for that!(more info to come) Pre-production of our album takes off the first week of April!

Can’t wait to share our recent endeavors with you all :)

Stay Tuned,

<3 Grand Falconer 

Excited to show you guys some new stuff :)
A few things:

Sorry there haven’t been any updates from us on here lately. It’s easy to forget to update this tumblr amongst all the other means of social media we use. First things first—yesterday we took some band photos and Danika got bitten by a horse (about 5 seconds after this picture was taken).

Second, we have a few awesome shows coming up. This friday we are playing at The Flying M in Nampa with Mickey the Jump.

A week after that on Friday the 24th we will be playing with From Indian Lakes and K-Sera at The Venue

Then on Thursday March 22nd we are super excited to be playing the opening night of the first ever Treefort Music Fest at The Linen Building (stay tuned for more details about that.)

We’d love to see all of you at these so come hang out with us!